Happy Tails! – BERNIE

Bernie and his new big brother Murphy are getting along great and running each other to exhaustion in the backyard every day.  Bernie has seemed to fit right in and feel at home after the first 10 minutes.  He’s one of those “I love everything” kind of guys, as is Murphy.  My home office opens up to the yard and they play until they can’t move anymore, then they fill up on water and come inside with me to nap.
The only problem we’ve had so far is trying to teach Murphy about sharing his toys.   He’s not open to it just yet.   So, whenever the growling gets too much, the toys go into a box.   It made Bernie nervous at first, but now he likes to mess with Murphy by grabbing a toy and running away with it just to get a reaction.   Murphy is not amused.   But we’re getting there.
All in all, they seem to be having the time of their lives and Jenny and I are very happy we found Bernie, and grateful to your organization and all you do.Thanks again!
Gavin and Jenny

P.S.  I almost forgot about the cats.  One concern we had was how Bernie would react to the cats who live with us inside.  Murphy was a little aggressive with them at first, but he learned to leave them alone over time and now they get along fine.  Bernie wasn’t the least bit aggressive even at first, and they seem to have no problem with him either.  Generally, I think they couldn’t care less.   But hey, they’re cats.  They don’t really get keyed up about most things.


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