Happy Tails! – MAGGIE (pka Mitzie)

Here’s a picture of our brood, minus one cat who decided he didn’t need to be a part of the family photo.  🙂   Maggie is on the left with pink collar, Jemma is the ruby Cavalier in the middle, Nevo is the Maggie look-alike on the right and Lizzie is the kitty at the top of the chair.   Hobbes is the kitty who opted out and yet he and Maggie are so fun together.
Maggie and Hobbes are great mates – they play with each other like no other cat and dog I’ve ever seen.   Here is a picture of the 2 of them at play – Maggie on her back and Hobbes deciding where to pounce…
Plus they conspire together to get into the cupboards where the dog food is kept.  We finally had to put baby locks on them because Hobbes would get the cabinet open, and Maggie would pull out the food — Canned food had kitty paw prints down inside any open can and dry dog food would be spilled all over the floor and promptly scarfed up by Maggie.   The other dogs and cat would keep their distance because they knew they were the “good” animals.   What a hoot!

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