Happy Tails! – ROXIE (pka Pinky)

We just wanted to give everyone, especially Mary, an update on Pinky, who we decided is more of a Roxie Hart, as she loves to be the center of attention!
Roxie (formerly Pinky) is such a blessing to us.  After losing our last pup of 14 years, Roxie has helped our hearts heal in a way that we couldn’t have imagined.  She is such a smart and loving dog and we adore her more every day.  We just can’t believe someone didn’t want this beautiful baby and how lucky we are to have her!
Roxie loves going to the dog park a couple of evenings per week, playing chase with all of her friends, and she has also started beginners obedience training, although she doesn’t need much as she is so well-behaved!  She is doing really well and making us very proud of our star student, as she has now mastered sit, leave it, drop it, and is an ace fetcher!  One of her favorite things to do though, and we are so pleased, is to spend the day at the beach, which is pretty much a requirement in this family.  She hops like a bunny through the waves and runs up and down the beach, chasing birds, diving into the water and playing with any other beach dogs she can find.
She makes us laugh so much and we could watch her play all day.  She is one of the best-natured dogs we have ever met and beyond some puppy chewing and digging in the yard, Roxie has been our angel and we can’t thank the volunteers at K-9 Angels Rescue enough for taking care of her and loving her until we found her!

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