not so Happy Tails – BEAR (pka Buck)

Bear (previously known as “Buck”) was adopted approximately 3 months ago from our rescue.   He was high heart worm positive and recently finished his treatment.   Unfortunately, this poor guy couldn’t get a break.
He was diagnosed with cancer and his body couldn’t handle the treatment, so he was put to sleep yesterday (10/22/12).   His owner said “My heart is broken but I know after talking with everyone that this was best for him.  I stayed with him, held him, talked to him, and rubbed his belly while he fell asleep.  I am so sad but I am so grateful for the time we had together and that he didn’t die alone and in pain.  I’m glad that I was able to give him a wonderful home and so much love, even if it was just for a few months.”
The reason we (K-9 Angels) are sharing Bear’s story is because this girl is not only grieving the loss of her dog, she is also now dealing with a lot of financial stress.  She is a young, single girl only a year out of college, and has spent almost $6,000 on Bear’s medical bills, about half of which is on a credit card.  She could really use some help with this financial burden, so she set up a fundraiser page.
If you can donate even $10, it would mean a lot and would help her get through this difficult time…
Here is the link where you can donate:

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