I trusted you, a dumped dog’s anguish

When you clipped the leash to my collar, I trusted that we were heading somewhere fun.

When you walked me into the strange building, a tingling of fear ran through my body, but I trusted that we were going somewhere safe.

When you handed my leash to the waiting hands of a stranger, I trusted that they were a friend.

When you walked out the door and left me behind, I trusted that you would return.

As I sat in my kennel run, with each footfall that approached my door, I trusted that it would be you, returning to take me home.

When day turned to night, and then to day again, I trusted that you would come.

When a stranger finally came to lead me from my kennel run, my heart swelled with the hope that I would be led to your waiting arms.

As I sat in the stark room with the sad stranger, anxiety flooded my body, but I trusted that you would enter the room.

As my nose was muzzled and I was restrained, my eyes darted from side to side as I frantically searched for your face, certain in my trust that you would save me from the terrible thing that was about to happen.

You did not come.





 – for every dog who is in need –

– for every dog who has been let down by an unworthy owner. –



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