Happy Tails! – SCARLETT

Oh my goodness.  We are smitten with this adorable young lady 🙂  What an absolutely delightful personality she has and a little bit of a jokester, too.  Example, I am a registered dietitian and so I like to cook and I have a lot of spices in a slide out rack in my kitchen.  Last night she decided to ‘remove’ the coriander spice jar from the slide out! Interesting that she released it easily.

In her not quite one week with us she has learned sit, lay down and we are working on stay and yes – the leash.  That is coming a little slowly but it does improve a little bit daily.  She seems to have some understanding of leave it and release.  I purchased a harness (one by the Dog Whisperer) and she is learning to “step into it” and doing well with that.  She easily let me wash her feet when we played in the mud yesterday and enjoyed the rub down with the towel.  She is good to go in her crate when I leave in the morning and goes in at bedtime but barks about one minute after we go upstairs.  Then she sleeps very soundly for the rest of the night (about 7 hours).

Her first 24 hours had a lot of visits by neighbors and she barked and was a little hesitant or timid… but by the next day they were friends. Scarlett and Dave (my husband) are buds and he loves the way she stands up to greet him and give him a kiss. She also likes the fact that he has a camera and this little young lady likes to pose – I am enclosing some pics which speak louder than words. We have arranged for my neighbor, she and her husband have two dogs, to come in at noon and let her out of the crate. The neighbor stays for about 15 minutes while Scarlett plays and takes care of business. Scarlett looks forward to her visits and my neighbor is rewarded with a kiss. 🙂

She is a good guard dog – two strange men knocked on our door last night at dusk doing some soliciting and when she heard them knock she ran to the door barking and they went halfway down our sidewalk and apologized for bothering us!  She is getting a lot of exercise (and so are we!). I play with her for 20 – 30 minutes usually outside while Dave is getting ready for work then we come in, she runs upstairs to greet him and after he leaves we go back out for about 10 minutes to make sure business has been taken care of.  At night, we play for one hour in the yard (she has acquired some new toys) and then we all go for a walk on the leash for about 15 minutes.  I go to an exercise class two nights a week and she and Dave usually go back outside after the walk and play with the kong toy or rag bones.

She is scheduled to see Dr. Randy Jones at the 249 Animal Clinic one week from today to discuss heart worm treatment and do the basic “meet and greet”.  I am checking on obedience training at Prestonwood Pet Resort (I believe they offer group classes) and she will board there one night while we attend our granddaughter’s graduation in May.  We have already toured and it is nice. I jokingly told my husband I thought I could spend the night.  I am wondering if she would enjoy an occasional Doggie Day Care Day to be with other dogs?

She is adjusting well to our schedule and I think she is realizing this is her forever home.  She has toys, a dog bed in the den but realized two days ago she was also allowed on the sofa and our bed although she has to sleep in her crate at night.  She is still a puppy really and likes shoes although she tends to just want to carry them around.  She releases them easily and I give her one of her toys instead to play with.  We keep the good shoes out of her reach!  I’ve enclosed some pics my husband took and one I shot with my phone of her on the bed this morning.

She sends greetings to her foster folks and especially to the little girl who seemed sad because we adopted her.  Please tell her that because she loved Scarlett and spent time with her that she is probably one of the reasons that Scarlett is such a sweet dog.  Assure her that Scarlett is really loved in her new home and well, yes, already spoiled.


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