Happy Tails! – MAGGIE (pka Magnolia)

4/20/13  Update: First, we shortened her name to Maggie to make it easier for her to learn to come when called.  She is doing quite well at that, although still shy, she hangs her head, but comes quickly with her tail a-waggin.  The first day she just wanted to lay on her bed all day, but now she prefers to lay at our feet.  She wants to get up on the couch, but she needs a bath really bad.  She can get on the furniture after I bathe her.  I am trying not to throw too many things at her at one time.  She was quite skittish of loud noises at first, but she is getting better.  I brush her everyday, and she just loves it.  She hasn’t quite gotten comfortable enough to lick my face, but she will put her face right up in ours, touch noses, and wag her tail.  My husband and I are both totally in love with her, and I can tell she loves us too.  My 4 year old granddaughter is CRAZY about her, is very gentle with her, and Maggie really likes her, too.  She learned where her water bowl was the first day, but I had to hand feed her up until today.  She ate her whole bowl of food today straight from her bowl.  Not one accident in the house.  And when on leash, if I stop, she stops, sits, and looks up at me.  Someone has obviously done some training with her.  I have been teaching her to chase a ball today and retrieve, as it appeared that she didn’t know how to play.  She has slowly but surely been turning into a happy, cheerful, girl and I am SOOOOOOOO glad I came back for her.  I totally LOVE her.
I will keep you posted on her progress.  Right now I am very pleased with her progress, and I think you would be too.

5/6/13  Update:  She is doing GREAT on the leash now.  I don’t even have to ask her to heel or sit when we stop at the curb.  She is very smart.  She goes out to potty.  (Has had NO accidents in the house.  Perfect.)  She is coming more and more out of her shell.  She is becoming a true HAVANESE!  She is a happy, cheerful, friendly, little clown.  She is a true velcro dog… always at my side.  She LOVES kids and other dogs.  I’m trying to get my daughter to send you a pic of her with my grandgirls (4 and 2).  The 4 yr. old LOVES her and gets upset if she can’t see her.  (Like if we go to a festival or the zoo or whatever.)  Maggie loves her, too.
If the beagles on the other side of the fence are out, she runs up and down the fence, barking with them, wagging her tail, holding it HIGH (Havanese style) and doing that springy, bouncy Havanese step.  She is so awesome. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I came back for her to live in our “pack”.  Oh, she is totally a lover and licker, now.  My dream came true after all.  Now she is happy, cheerful, playful, and licks my face.  I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for trusting me with such a wonderful, beautiful little angel!


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