Happy Tails! – TOBY (pka Phineas)

I cannot believe it’s been a month already!  Wanted to let you know he is doing well.  He has slipped into our home and our lives seamlessly.  We all adore him.  I thought this was a cute photo and it was taken at your ‘office’.  We now call him Toby.  He still loves to chase balls—we have a whole bag we rounded up from the backyard after our dog passed away.  I bought a year’s worth of Heartguard and Frontline Plus — so he’s well protected.

He is a good eater and keeps himself well hydrated.  Now that he’s past the vomiting and diarrhea, he makes very few if any accidents in the house.  He eats everything in sight, so we had to quickly “child-proof” the house.  I have a feeling that is part of the reason they <prior owners> got rid of him.  He’s a BIG, undisciplined puppy and very curious.  Loves to counter-surf and eats anything dropped on the floor or in his sight.  I spoke to the trainer at Petsmart and she gave me good suggestions on chew-products.  I keep him well supplied with rawhide bones and chew toys.  I figure it works for kids, distract them with appropriate toys and remove the items they should not eat or play with.  He’s strong and loves to play tug of war, which can be a problem when he grabs clothes or a blanket.  But gentle reminders and encouragement and he gets it.  I don’t think they disciplined him at all.  He’s very smart and is learning his boundaries.  We start our training in July so we are all on the “same page” with discipline and terminology.  Even without it he’s wonderful-but worth it to break the bad habits now.

He goes crazy with affection when I come home and is always at my side.  He loves to play with Katie — she taught him to jump up on the trampoline with her and he sleeps in her bed at night.  They play chase and hide & seek in the house on rainy days to exercise him.  And of course he loves to retrieve balls and toys when we throw them.  Funny guy even plays catch with himself.  He throws the toy up in the air then chases after it — including throwing it down the stairs then bringing it back up to do it again.

Thank you for helping us adopt him!


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