Points to Consider Before You Adopt

K-9 Angels Rescue is dedicated to helping you find the perfect pet companion for you and your family.  By visiting our adoption center you have already made the responsible decision to ADOPT, and we are thrilled you have chosen K-9 Angels Rescue to help you find your new companion dog.

We ask that you consider the following points:

Am I ready for a dog?  Keep in mind that adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. You should be prepared to care for this animal for its lifetime (sometimes 12 – 15 years or more!).

Do I have time for a dog?  Although the time commitment varies depending on what type of pet you decide to adopt, each one does require you to feed, water, exercise and care for it every day.  If this is your first dog, we suggest you try dog sitting for a friend to see if you are ready to commit the appropriate time necessary to give an animal a happy, loving home.

Can I afford a dog?   It’s not just the adoption fee! Dog ownership can be expensive.  Just like any other member of the family, your new dog will require yearly doctor visits for shots, monthly heart worm, flea & tick preventative and more!  Not to mention food, treats, grooming, toys, and other expenses that can add up quickly.  It’s a good idea to put pen to paper and make sure you are financially ready to commit to a new dog.

Can I have a dog where I live?  If you rent, obtain a copy of your lease or pet agreement BEFORE falling in love with a dog.  Many rental communities have weight limits and/or breed restrictions that you will be required to follow.

What dog will fit my lifestyle?  Consider your schedule, hobbies and basic outlook on life.  Do your homework and pick a dog that fits with your lifestyle.

Will I be a responsible dog owner?  Your dog will not only need unconditional love and affection; it will also need companionship, exercise, a healthy diet, regular trips to the vet and other essentials.  You will also be responsible for obeying all community leash and licensing laws for the municipality in which you reside.


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