We Can’t Turn Back the Clock

We’re facing one of the most serious threats to animal protection laws ever — we need your help.  The House of Representatives passed the dangerous and overreaching “King amendment” to the massive Farm Bill, which threatens to repeal many animal protection laws on farm animal confinement, horse slaughter, puppy mills, shark finning, and even dog meat.  A House-Senate conference committee will now negotiate the final Farm Bill, and we need to keep the King amendment out.  Will you help us prevent so many animal protection laws from being wiped out in one fell swoop?
hslf email inset pig animal laws
Just think of all the state laws that have been passed over the years to help animals:  Banning the extreme confinement of veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens in tiny crates and cages where they are virtually immobilized for their entire lives.  Providing humane standards of care for dogs in large-scale commercial puppy mills.  Cracking down on the brutal practice of shark finning, where sharks are dumped alive in the ocean with their fins cut off just for a bowl of soup.  Stopping the slaughter of horses and the sale of horse meat for human consumption.  Can you imagine all of these laws being wiped out by Congress?
It is critical that we keep the King amendment out of the final Farm Bill.
We are not only working to protect animal welfare laws by defeating the radical King Amendment in the Farm Bill, but we are also working in Congress to pass new reforms on so many critical issues.  Rather than wipe out state laws on these subjects, lawmakers need to pass federal laws to crack down on puppy mills, horse slaughter, and so many abuses.  And we need your help.

Please help us protect animal welfare laws by donating whatever you can afford. No contribution is too small to help save countless laws that protect animals.

Thanks for standing with us and for all you do for animals.


Mike Markarian
Humane Society Legislative Fund

Please ask your friends and family to sign the petition, too.
Authored by Iowa Congressman Steve King, the amendment would suspend regulations that protect “farm products” — in other words, living, breathing animals — during transport from one state to another. This would put hundreds of thousands of pigs, chickens, and cows at risk for neglect and abuse.

We can’t force these animals to risk any more abuse. That’s why I’m asking you to keep the petition’s momentum going by sharing it through email with your friends and family, posting it on Facebook, and sending this tweet asking your network to join you.


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