Happy Tails! – TANK

Hi Christine!   Just thought I would send you an update on Tank.   First, he did great on the 4hr drive to Dallas and was even a perfect gentleman when we stopped for lunch and ate burgers right in the car in front of him.   He didn’t even try to sneak a fry!

Tank seems to be adjusting well to life in Dallas.   He still has LOTS of puppy energy, which could be why his last adopter said he was a bit “crazy”.   He has been getting a 30 minute walk first thing in the morning and that only seems to be a warm up for him.   Then it’s on to his toys, playing with the kids and finally a good romp in the yard before he shows signs of slowing down.   He has been fabulous with the kids, but is still learning which are his toys and which are theirs.   Bonus for me: if they don’t want the dog to get it, they have to make sure they pick it up!!!

Tank is even already picking up on how to ring his doggie door bells when he needs to go out.   Such a smart puppy!   And he has made some new doggy friends in the neighborhood, too.   All in all, one week in and things couldn’t be going better.

Thanks so much for giving us the chance to be Tank’s family.   I know you may have thought I was a bit nutty for driving all that way for a rescue mutt, but I knew what I was looking for and Tank is the perfect fit.   But, really though, what’s a day’s worth of driving for him to be part of our family for the next 10+ years?  Not much!


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