Using Natural Remedies to Control Adrenal Disease, UTIs, and Bowel Disease

Mazie Grace

transcript )

Story at-a-glance

  • Mazie Grace was 8 years old when she met Dr. Becker.  She had recurrent urinary tract infections and IBD-related issues, which Dr. Becker was able to control by eliminating carbohydrates from her diet.
  • In mid-2010, Mazie started panting a lot, drinking more water and gaining weight.  She was subsequently diagnosed with adrenal gland dysfunction, specifically, atypical Cushing’s disease.  Mazie’s sex hormone levels were high, even though she was spayed.  This meant that in all likelihood, her adrenals were working too hard to try to meet her body’s hormone requirements.
  • It took many months and several protocol adjustments to get Mazie’s hormones under control, but currently, things are working beautifully.  Dr. Becker and Mazie’s mom will work together to make adjustments to the protocol as necessary as Mazie ages and her body changes.
  • Mazie’s story is a great illustration that while adrenal disease isn’t curable, it’s definitely manageable.

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