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Happy Tails! – DANY (pka Nala)

Like her name sake, Daenerys (Game of Thrones), “Dany” (formerly “Nala”) was looking for a peaceful home and a place to belong.

She was found by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy wandering the streets of Downtown Houston in the pouring rain.  Dany has definitely found where she belongs – in our hearts and home.   She shares her furever home with her big brother, Kaiser, and two kitty siblings, Arwyn and JJ, who are also rescues.  Dany also currently has a little Foster Sister, Adrienne.   Dany loves to stretch her long legs running along the bayou behind our house and through several large nearby fields and parks.   Dany is an incredibly graceful and super-fast runner!

She has her favorite doggy neighbors who she practices her agility with by jumping from couch to couch in the house.   And Dany has school friends!  Dany has passed her first series of puppy obedience training and will be starting intermediate classes soon.

We are so thankful that Deputy Jason Langendorfer rescued Dany and Mary Tipton and K-9 Angels allowed her in the program!
We could not be happier with “Little” Dany – our whole family loves her!

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Happy Tails! – FRECKLES (pka Mac)

It has been two years since we lost our beloved “Daisy” due to cancer.  During that time we mourned and missed her so very much having had her for 10 years.
We felt that we could never love a pet that much again until we met Mac, which we named Freckles.  He is already a family member and a wonderful companion and we could not ask for more.  He loves to run and catch balls, relax on our porch watching the hummingbirds and the lizards, taking walks and especially searching for squirrels high in the trees in our backyard.  He sleeps beside our bed at night awaking with a smile on his face and a wagging tail that starts our day on the right foot.

Freckles enjoys our  sports car too and insists on being the Copilot as you can tell by the picture.  And after all, who could say no to a face like that?

In closing, our vet said after examining Freckles “he is perfect” actually he is better than perfect  and we’ve already built a special bond that will be the start of a long love affair.  Yes, we still miss our Daisy and now we have someone just as special to love, our Freckles.

Thank you K-9 Angels and Christine for filling that empty place in our hearts!

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Happy Tails! – ELOISE

I wanted to send in a picture and say how wonderful K-9 Angels Rescue is about taking in sweet dogs from the streets and kill shelters, so they can find a forever home.

Eloise’s one year adoption anniversary just passed, and we are just so delighted to have her.  I am so glad I chose to volunteer with you guys that day, because we found such a wonderful addition to our family.   She is treated like royalty with baths, teeth brushing, walks, playing, nail trims, vet visits, good food, yummy treats and an awesome sister to keep her company when we aren’t home.  She loves sprawling out on the floor after walks to cool off (hence her picture)!   😉

Thanks again to everyone for all they do in helping these wonderful little angels!

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Happy Tails! – PENNY (pka Lacie)

I just wanted to send an update on Lacie (now Penny) who I adopted in April.  She is about 6 months old now and is just the cutest puppy!

She has a great personality and is incredibly energetic!

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Happy Tails! – CLIVE

Just a quick note of thanks!

Clive is the best dog ever and we love him as part of our family!

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Happy Tails! – MILLIE (pka Dollie)

Our family has been so grateful for the rescue dog we adopted a few years ago, so when my parents decided it was time for a new dog, I was eager to find a “treasure” for them, too!

After pouring over the photos and biographies of available dogs at a variety of rescue shelters, it was clear that K-9 was the place for us to go!   So my husband, boys and I went to the adoption center and found about four dogs we thought would be a good fit, although we wondered if my dad would fall for a big one, like their previous Golden Retrievers!

In fact, when my parents went to the adoption center with the list of options, my soft-hearted dad was open to taking various dogs, whom we met and showed off to my mom, before realizing she had this soft, tiny girl on her lap and had her heart set on this “Dollie” all along!  She was small and not on our list, and we found out someone else had already applied for her.  This was quite a blow to my mom, so we sadly left and thought for sure she would be gone soon.  But how happy my mom was to hear later that the other lady had passed … because Dollie “was too big”!?!  Hard to imagine!  Oh well, my mom thought she was “perfect”, so she became Millie and is now a part of the family!

She has been so good at night, is house-trained (for the most part!), and loves to chew toys.  She is somehow able to pick up and carry my son’s tennis shoes that are about her size!   We think she’s still a puppy, as she runs under the legs of “sister” Yoda and scoots along the rug on her belly…so cute!  Millie has been a great relaxing companion and walker/trainer for my parents.  We so appreciate all the work done at K-9 Angels to prepare and allow so many vulnerable dogs to find love again in new families!

We look forward to many blessed years with Millie.

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Is your ‘holistic’ vet really holistic? A fresh look at the health risks associated with pet vaccines.


With so many vets out there marketing themselves as holistic these days, how can you really know for sure whether or not the vet you choose really is holistic and has the best interests of your pet in mind?

Holistic veterinarian Will Falconer, D.V.M., who owns and operates the highly informative website Vital Animal, The Natural Path, addresses this question in a recent blog posting entitled “Vaccines and Vets: Is Your Holistic Vet Really Holistic?”   In this powerful commentary, Falconer describes his journey from being a “holistic” vet in name only to becoming a truly holistic vet who learned the errors of his ways and corrected them.

As implied by the title of Falconer’s posting, the primary issue at hand has to do with pet vaccines, which many vets, including many “holistic” vets, insist must be administered over and over again for optimal pet health.  For years, Falconer held this same fallacious stance, believing that pets had to be vaccinated at yearly in order to keep up to date and in good health, that is, until he learned otherwise following some classes he took for his continuing education.

Falconer was enrolled in the very first Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy at the Pitcairn Institute of Veterinary Homeopathy in Eugene, Oregon, back in 1992 when he first learned that, contrary to popular belief, annual pet vaccines are not only ineffective but also dangerous.  As he would quickly learn, pet vaccines, like human vaccines, are capable of actually creating disease, which could explain why many more pets these days are developing serious illnesses like cancer.

“Here I was, surrounded by other holistic veterinarians, some at it much longer than I, and our instructor, Dr. Richard Pitcairn, was showing us case after case illustrating the harm that was coming from vaccination,” recalls Falconer about his awakening.   “More significantly, he was also showing us that sick animals usually didn’t get better without, at some point in their treatment, receiving a vaccinosis remedy.”

Many pets are already vaccine damaged, and injecting them with more vaccines only exacerbates the problem

Vaccinosis, explains Falconer, is a term originally hatched by Dr. Compton Burnett, M.D., back in 1884, to describe the health damage caused by vaccines.  And the remedy, it turns out, is typically not a general treatment but rather an individualized one that is customized to undo the original damage caused.  Naturally, the same approach can be taken with vaccine-injured pets, that is, if pet owners are even aware of the fact that their sick animals might be vaccine damaged.

With this newfound understanding, Falconer quickly realized that annual pet re-vaccination is essentially a scam that puts pets at further risk of health damage.  In truth, annual pet vaccination is merely a way for vets to maintain a steady cash flow and has nothing to do with actually keeping pets healthy.  This is not to say that vets are out there intentionally harming animals, but this is precisely what they are doing, whether they realize it or not.

Unfortunately, many of the “holistic” vets Falconer has encountered in the years since have willfully ignored these eyeopening findings and continued to administer annual pet vaccines anyway.  Even after attending a subsequent meeting of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association in which it was clearly delineated that annual pet vaccines can lead to hypothyroidism and other chronic diseases in pets, many of the “holistic” vets in attendance expressed their intention to continue administering them regardless of the facts.  Most of the “holistic” vets polled in more recent surveys have indicated similar sentiments.

“As you set about navigating what seem like perfectly clear waters on your way to a vital animal, keep your eyes open for these dangerous attitude reefs,” writes Falconer.   “My profession is bemoaning the fact that veterinary visits are falling, yet refusing to step up to a responsible position on a damaging, useless procedure: repeating vaccinations throughout your animal’s life.”

Please read Will Falconer’s full blog post here:

source of this article here.

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