Happy Tails! – MILLIE (pka Dollie)

Our family has been so grateful for the rescue dog we adopted a few years ago, so when my parents decided it was time for a new dog, I was eager to find a “treasure” for them, too!

After pouring over the photos and biographies of available dogs at a variety of rescue shelters, it was clear that K-9 was the place for us to go!   So my husband, boys and I went to the adoption center and found about four dogs we thought would be a good fit, although we wondered if my dad would fall for a big one, like their previous Golden Retrievers!

In fact, when my parents went to the adoption center with the list of options, my soft-hearted dad was open to taking various dogs, whom we met and showed off to my mom, before realizing she had this soft, tiny girl on her lap and had her heart set on this “Dollie” all along!  She was small and not on our list, and we found out someone else had already applied for her.  This was quite a blow to my mom, so we sadly left and thought for sure she would be gone soon.  But how happy my mom was to hear later that the other lady had passed … because Dollie “was too big”!?!  Hard to imagine!  Oh well, my mom thought she was “perfect”, so she became Millie and is now a part of the family!

She has been so good at night, is house-trained (for the most part!), and loves to chew toys.  She is somehow able to pick up and carry my son’s tennis shoes that are about her size!   We think she’s still a puppy, as she runs under the legs of “sister” Yoda and scoots along the rug on her belly…so cute!  Millie has been a great relaxing companion and walker/trainer for my parents.  We so appreciate all the work done at K-9 Angels to prepare and allow so many vulnerable dogs to find love again in new families!

We look forward to many blessed years with Millie.

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