Happy Tails! – DANY (pka Nala)

Like her name sake, Daenerys (Game of Thrones), “Dany” (formerly “Nala”) was looking for a peaceful home and a place to belong.

She was found by a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy wandering the streets of Downtown Houston in the pouring rain.  Dany has definitely found where she belongs – in our hearts and home.   She shares her furever home with her big brother, Kaiser, and two kitty siblings, Arwyn and JJ, who are also rescues.  Dany also currently has a little Foster Sister, Adrienne.   Dany loves to stretch her long legs running along the bayou behind our house and through several large nearby fields and parks.   Dany is an incredibly graceful and super-fast runner!

She has her favorite doggy neighbors who she practices her agility with by jumping from couch to couch in the house.   And Dany has school friends!  Dany has passed her first series of puppy obedience training and will be starting intermediate classes soon.

We are so thankful that Deputy Jason Langendorfer rescued Dany and Mary Tipton and K-9 Angels allowed her in the program!
We could not be happier with “Little” Dany – our whole family loves her!


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