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Happy Tails! – TROOPER (pka Morgan)

Thank you Christine for helping us pick such a great dog for our family!! 
It was our best Christmas ever and Trooper, that’s what my kid’s named him, is so perfect for our family! 
We love him so much!  Hoping to come by and visit you soon! 
Happy New year!!! 

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Happy Tails! – LIZZY; ROSIE (pka Ariana); PUNKY (pka Punky Brewster)

2013 was a fabulous year for us – we had the honor of adopting 3 wonderful dogs from K-9 Angels.
Rosie (AKA Ariana), Punky (AKA Punky Brewster) and Lizzy quickly became part of our family. They all get along really well and have become awesome playmates. They LOVE chasing each other around in the backyard and playing “tag” all over the house.
They are a welcome addition to our family- and we all love playing and snuggling with them!


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Happy Tails! – JUSTICE (pka John)

An update on Justice, you knew him as “John’, a Black Lab/Great Dane mix.

Such a lovely pup, gentle disposition and so joyful when he finally realized he was part of the Family.

Thank you, he is a treasure!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God bless you for the lives you enrich, both canine and human. 

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Happy Tails! – ANIMAL

Animal is doing great!  He is getting sooo much better with the listening; potty training is a tricky business, he actually has tales that let me know he has to go but it’s very subtle. Petsmart had to shave him down but two weeks later and his hair has really grown out.  We had another bath tonight; I discovered that sometimes he pees on his front legs and his anal glands don’t seem to be emptying like they should so he scoots alot. He’s too funny though. Found out some days he is NOT a morning boy, he goes potty then lays back down in his kennel (btw this is the kennel he doesn’t want to go into at night).

We had a party last Saturday and eventually I let him out, OMG the ladies went crazy! After an hour he went back to our room to hide out until they left, then came out and layed in his kennel!  He takes off sprinting down the hall trying to get everyone to chase him and he forcibly takes turns with the bones and toys with our other dog, Nim; though she doesn’t feel the same.  He chews, then lets her chew, then lets her know its his turn.

And his little pig grunts!! wow, he couldn’t be more adorable.  There have been a few intermitten days of struggle but he is such a joy. I love him so much! We went to our vet last week and they were too happy to see him. Everything was just as I was told, I went b/c his glands were super full. They even hooked me up with an extra heartguard and flea control, even though I already got it all!

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Happy Tails! – RANGER (pka Granger)

Our lives are complete since Ranger became part of our family three months ago.  He is such a wonderful dog!  He gets more than enough love from all of us. Friends say he has too many toys but how can that be possible?

Thank you for rescuing him from a shelter since he was meant to be a part of our family.  My son kisses his head every morning before he leaves to school and tells him to be good.

Ranger found his forever home with us.

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Happy Tails! – LEILANI (pka Hope the “bait puppy”)

Merry Christmas to everyone at
K-9 Angels!

With Love,
Hope’s (Leilani’s) Forever Family

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Happy Tails! – ZOE (pka Patsy)

Update 1:  Zoe is just perfect! She has taken to the good life with absolutely no problems. Although she has no interest in toys and was definitely not interested in meeting any other little dogs, she has attached herself to me and loves going on walks. snuggling on the couch in my lap and sleeping in my grandmothers antique bed. She is funny, playful, charming and the best dog ever.  We are indeed a match made by the “angels”  and we are looking forward to loving each other for many years.  Thanks you so much for filling my heart with this precious little dog! 

Update 2: Unconditional love, a warm bed, exercise and a good diet have made Zoe blossom into the most amazing little dog.  Walks are so exciting that she literally hops like a bunny!  Zoe is so loving and appreciative and did I mention how smart she is?  Just in one week she has learned the commands for sit, down and my personal favorite, dance.  Perhaps it’s her Latin heritage but she can do a mean rumba and she loves it when we applaud.  She’s turned into quite a little flirt and looks for her two boyfriends so she can run circles around them.  From the moment I saw Zoe’s photo on your website, I knew she was the one for me.  She brings love and laughter into every day and will make this Christmas a very special one!

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Happy Tails! – HARPER (pka Gretchen)

We just wanted to update you on “Gretchen”, or, as we have named her, Harper. We are in love with our new little princess and couldn’t be happier. The first couple of days she was pretty shy and not amused at all by any of the toys we had bought her, but by day three she broke out of her shell and has since grown very fond of her animals, especially her purple cow!  

She absolutely loves her walks and she struts down the street like she owns it.  In true Doxie fashion, she always tries to guilt you into more food and treats with those big brown eyes. It’s hard to say no, but for the most part we stay strong!

We had a little fleece-lined pillowcase bed made especially for her that she loves, along with her tiger print bed and purple blanket. She’s an LSU fan now too, of course.   🙂   My 5-year old stepson loves Harper, and the feeling is definitely mutual. She especially loves chasing him around our big back yard and helping us find him during hide and seek games.

Her favorite spot, however, is in your lap. She wants to be as close to you as possible, and we all enjoy having her there  —  especially when she is sleeping. She has the most adorable little snore that just melts your heart. She went to the vet to get her stitches out yesterday, and everything checked out great.

Losing our last dog was a very tough experience, but Harper has reminded us how wonderful the love of a dog can be. Thanks K-9 Angels for saving her life. We promise to love her and continue giving her the best life a dog can dream of!

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Happy Tails! – SUGAR

Sugar is doing awesome and has blossomed into such a great dog and she and Skai are inseparable!  She has gained 9 lbs — up to 44 lbs of solid muscle.   We are all so happy with the way things have worked out and that she has a forever home.

Hope all is well w/ you guys and that you have some great holiday plans.  We will have to bring her by after the holidays so you can see how well things are going.  Thank you, Jo and Steve, for the HUGE part you played in her life.  I will give you a shout after the holidays settle down.  Merry Christmas!

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New Uses for Animal DNA

Advances in science have enabled the decoding of several animals’ DNA.  Knowing the genome of a species has enabled medical professionals to detect some diseases that have a genetic basis.  But it also has other uses, even in the criminal justice system.

The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Forensic Unit at the University of California, Davis is the first accredited crime lab dedicated to animal DNA profiling.  There are three main types of cases: where an animal is a victim, where the animal is the perpetrator, and where the animal is a witness.

DNA can be used to confirm the ownership of an animal that has been stolen or to identify the remains of a lost pet.   Tissue samples can be compared to items that would have the animals DNA on it, such as brushes, bedding, or food and water bowls.

When an animal is suspected of being the perpetrator, samples from the victim may lead to the culprit.  Collection of samples from bite wounds, or clothing if the victim is a person, can be studied to determine what species performed the attack, and even to determine which individual is guilty.

Cases where animals are a witness are usually human crimes.  Animal DNA can link a suspect with a crime scene or a victim.  Transfer of DNA from saliva, blood, hair, stool, or urine can occur during the commission of a crime.   The UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab has been involved in solving or proving several serious crimes.  One was a kidnapping and domestic abuse case in West Virginia where they analyzed hair from around a drill bit and blood on a hammer owned by the suspect and matched them to two puppies belonging to the victim.  Another case in Texas involved a serial rapist who rolled in dog feces during an attack.  The victim owned three dogs, and they matched the stool found on the suspect to the victim’s chihuahua.   He was found guilty after lab personnel testified.

In a triple murder case in Indiana in 2000, a suspect denied he had ever been at the location of the murders.  An examination showed that he had a very small amount of dog feces on a shoe.  The UC Davis lab was able match this to the only dog on the property where the slayings occurred.  The killer is now serving life in prison.

The use of DNA is opening up a whole new field of science, just one aspect is its use in the criminal justice system.  The UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab is still in the process of informing criminal investigators of their capability of analyzing any type of animal DNA.  Who knows how many cases can be solved now?

Another goal of the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab is to help eliminate dog fighting.  It has come together with the ASPCA, a Missouri humane society, and the Louisiana SPCA, to form the Canine CODIS (Combined DNA Index System).   This is the first ever database dedicated to collecting DNA profiles from dogs that are seized during dog fighting investigations, as well as blood samples from suspected venues.  The DNA is used to identify relationships between dogs, and thereby allow officials to expand their investigations to those who breed and train dogs for fighting.

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