Happy Tails! – MAGGIE (pka Magnolia)

    We have had Maggie since April, and she has made remarkable progress.  Since I am retired, she has learned not to chew on inappropriate things.  I have gotten her many appropriate chew toys and immediately replace the bad with the good.  I never use negative reinforcement.  I am very patient and loving with her.  In turn she loves me back to the nth degree!!

We love her so much!  The grandgirls love her so much, and she LOVES them.  She lets them lie all over her, pet her, brush her (the wrong way usually), hug and squeeze her.  She is AWESOME.  She has definitely “come out of her shell.”  She has turned into the true little Havanese clown.  She makes us laugh out loud all the time.  

I thank God everyday that we found each other.  She does have some separation anxiety, but we are working on that.  Patience, patience, patience.  Since I like to keep her hair natural, I don’t take her to the groomer.  I do it myself and really enjoy it.  I have a table, all the equipment, and by grooming her regularly I have kept her 90% mat-free.  She is gorgeous!  She has the most beautiful white teeth I have ever seen.  She is very active, loves her walks, loves to run around in the back yard when we are with her,  do flips,  and stand on her back
feet.  We never let her out without us, even in our fenced in yard, because we have wild animals around here.  She loves to run up and down along the back fence and “play” with the beagles in the back.  Her tail curls over her back when she is excited.  
The vet said she is marvelously healthy and very muscular.  He LOVES her teeth, too.

 I couldn’t be happier.  I feel like we have been truly blessed to have found her.  Thanks so much! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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