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Happy Tails! – GINGER (pka Brownie)

This is Ginger, previously known as “Brownie” at K-9 Angels.

She’s the best!

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Happy Tails! – STANLEY (pka Benny)

We adopted Stanley (fma Benny) on October 1, 2013.  K-9 Angels rescued him from Harris County where he was sure to be put down because he has “funny feet.”

From the first moment we laid eyes on him, he captured our hearts.  He looks very similar to our other pup, Shelby.  Even though he has been in our family for less than 4 months, we can’t imagine our lives without him.  Stanley and Shelby are best friends and play like brothers and sisters do, loud and rough.

Nothing slows Stanley down, not even his cute, funny feet.  He enjoys visits to the dog park, long rides in the car, and loves everyone he meets.

We are so thankful for K-9 Angels, and we’re sure Stanley would agree with that too.

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Happy Tails! – GEMMA & HOPE (pka Penny & Skunk)

My husband and I unexpectedly lost a beloved 13 year-old Chihuahua mix in January 2013.   I was devastated; I missed holding her, I missed her excitement when I got home from work,  I just missed everything about her.  My heart ached.

In March, I was browsing online and came across K-9 Angels, and there were some tiny Chihuahua-mix babies who needed a home.

I worked one Saturday and my husband went to K-9 Angels and got Penny (now Gemma) for me.  She was 1 pound 7 ounces; the 7 ounces were ears.  It was an immediate love affair.  That said, when my husband went to the adoption center to get her, he held a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix named Skunk.  He talked about her for weeks, and he kept checking online to see if she had been adopted.

About a month after we adopted Gemma, we were in the backyard relaxing and he said, “We’re going tomorrow to get that dog.”  So Skunk (now Hope) joined our family in April.

These dogs are precious.  They love each other, they love us, they love our guests, they love food, they love their backyard, they love their beds, they love their toys.  They are both happy and outgoing and full of life, and we will be forever grateful to K-9 Angels for saving them.  They bring such joy to our lives.  We are also happy to say that 2 friends who knew of our wonderful experience with K-9 Angels have adopted from K-9 Angels as well!

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Happy Tails! – FITZ (pka Leftie)

Fitz (formerly Leftie) is living the life.   He has his own place on the couch to take naps (which he does often, as seen in the pictures).  He gets more and more treats because of all the tricks he’s learning (sit, down, roll over, and jump).  My husband taught him to jump up high into his arms.  Who knew this shorty could jump so high?

We definitely made the right choice in picking Fitz to be part of our family.  Thank you K-9 Angels!

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How To Find Your Lost Dog

This guy thought he’d never see his dog again. Then he followed this tip and found his best friend.

After 12 days of searching, he had lost hope. But then he learned about this awesome tip and how this has reunited many lost dogs with their families.


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Happy Tails! – BARLEY (pka Shorty)

Hi!!!   I just wanted to give K-9 Angels Rescue an update on “Shorty”.  We are absolutely loving the new addition to our family and I have included a few photos from the last couple of days.  We have renamed him Barley “Shorty” Rife and he is getting along famously with his new sister Amelia.

Thank you for everything you and your organization do for our fur-baby friends.

I will recommend you to anyone looking to foster or adopt.

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Happy Tails! – CALVIN

Attached is a picture of Calvin and Ethan on our way home yesterday!   He had no problem getting used to his new surroundings.  He had a great night’s sleep last night and is already out on his morning walk.  

Calvin is the perfect addition to our family which is why I am so thankful that I found you wonderful people at K-9 Angels Rescue (and why I’m so glad I didn’t hear back from the other rescue)!  

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Coughing: This Seemingly Harmless Symptom Could Foretell a Deadly Disease

Dog Coughing

Most dogs develop a cough at some point in their lives, and it’s often difficult for pet parents to determine the cause of the hacking or whether it’s a serious problem

In dogs, a cough can be an indicator of a number of different health concerns – some more serious than others.

Here’s a brief guide to some different types of canine coughs and what you should know about them.

Kennel Cough

In most cases, when an otherwise healthy dog suddenly starts coughing, it’s usually due to kennel cough or another similar viral or bacterial infection. Kennel cough can involve a deep, dry hacking cough, sneezing, snorting, gagging, or even vomiting. There may also be spasms of coughing brought on by excitement or exercise.

If your dog has recently been in a situation where she has had contact with other dogs – for example, in a boarding facility – she may have contracted a kennel cough infection. Symptoms usually appear from 2 to 14 days after exposure.

Kennel cough symptoms usually last between 10 and 20 days and can recur during periods of stress. Most cases resolve without medical intervention, so I don’t automatically recommended treatment. And certainly, antibiotics are not immediately warranted. I always prefer to let a dog’s body heal itself naturally, if she is otherwise acting fine.

Complete recovery from kennel cough can take up to three weeks in healthy dogs, and twice as long in older patients or in dogs with underlying immunosuppressive conditions. Puppies can also take a bit longer to recover.

Since a serious episode of kennel cough can result in pneumonia, if your dog doesn’t start to improve on her own, or if the cough becomes progressively worse, it’s important to make an appointment with your vet to be on the safe side.

Something Stuck in the Throat

A cough that grows suddenly intense or is more of a gagging sound, especially if the dog is also licking his lips or making swallowing motions, could be a sign of a sore throat or something stuck in the throat.

If your dog is outside or has just come in from outdoors when the coughing starts, it’s likely he has ingested or inhaled a grass seed or other foreign object and it’s stuck in his throat. If your dog can’t seem to cough up whatever it is, you’ll want to make an appointment with your veterinarian, since the situation could progress to an infection or even pneumonia.


A cough that sounds wet (a “productive” cough) usually means there’s a buildup of fluid in the dog’s lungs. Fluid or phlegm in the lungs is a symptom ofpneumonia, which can have a variety of causes. Bacterial pneumonia is caused by a pathogen, and there are several organisms that can result in infection.Fungal pneumonia is the result of a deep fungal lung infection, and is a more serious and hard-to-treat problem. Symptoms of pneumonia in addition to coughing include loss of appetite, weight loss, fever, lethargy and difficulty breathing.

If the pneumonia is bacterial in nature, typically your dog will require antibiotics, rest, immune support, and specific supportive therapies. Fungal pneumonia is more difficult to treat, since many dogs don’t respond to anti-fungal pneumonia drugs. The precise treatment will depend on what type of fungus has caused the infection. Ask your proactive vet about inhalation therapy, one of the most effective, direct ways to treat these types of lung infections.

Another type of pneumonia is aspiration pneumonia, also called inhalation pneumonia. This is a condition in which the lungs become inflamed and infected as the result of breathing in a foreign substance like vomit, regurgitated gastric acid, or food. Aspiration pneumonia is life threatening, and the prognosis for most dogs with the condition is poor, so the goal should always be prevention. If you suspect your dog has aspirated something, it’s important to get her to your veterinarian or an emergency animal clinic right away.

Tracheal Collapse

A recurrent, episodic cough that sounds like a goose honk can be a sign of a collapsing trachea – especially if your dog is a small breed. Tracheal collapse is a chronic, progressive disease that can be either congenital or acquired. Dogs with the condition also typically show signs of exercise intolerance, respiratory distress, and gagging while eating or drinking.

Treatment options for a collapsing trachea include medical management, which works for about 70 percent of dogs with a mild form of the condition. More serious cases often require highly specialized surgery. Cartilage building supplements are also given to maintain the integrity of tracheal cartilage.

Reverse Sneezing

Another condition common in small breed dogs and also brachycephalic breeds is the tendency to reverse sneeze. While it is indeed a sneeze rather than a cough, the sound a dog makes while it’s happening can be mistaken for coughing or choking.

Reverse sneezing is caused by a spasm of the throat and soft palate that is triggered by an irritant, which can include simple excitement, exercise, a collar that’s too tight, pollen, or even a sudden change in temperature. In a regular sneeze, air is pushed out through the nose. In a reverse sneeze, air is instead pulled rapidly and noisily in through the nose. The sound of a reverse sneeze can be startling, and many dog parents wonder if their pet is choking or having an asthma attack. Most dogs that reverse sneeze also assume a telltale stance — elbows spread apart, head extended or back, and eyes bulging.

Most cases of reverse sneezing require no treatment. However, it’s a good idea to try to keep track of when the episodes occur so you can determine what the probable triggers are and try to avoid them. If the sneezing becomes chronic or episodes become more frequent or longer in duration, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your veterinarian to rule out other potential health problems.

Heart Disease

Coughing can also be a sign of heart disease in dogs. Other signs of a heart problem include a bluish tinge to the tongue, loss of appetite, fatigue, weakness, decreased exercise endurance, a too-fast or too-slow heartbeat, and increased respiratory effort. If your dog has been diagnosed with a heart condition and coughs mainly while she’s resting, lying down, or at night, it could be a sign the disease is progressing.

Treatment of heart disease in dogs depends on a variety of factors including the severity of the problem, the age and health of your pet, cost of treatment, and other considerations. A visit to a board-certified veterinary cardiologist can provide more information about the severity of your pet’s heart condition.

There are a variety of natural modalities that can support a weakened cardiovascular system, so consult your holistic vet for the best options for your pet’s specific diagnosis.

Any Persistent Cough Should Be Investigated

Other conditions that can cause coughing in your dog include chronic bronchitis, heartworm disease, and some types of cancer.

A dog’s cough that doesn’t resolve quickly on its own should be investigated, and the sooner you make an appointment with your veterinarian, the better your pet’s chances for either a full recovery or a well-managed condition.

* * * * * * *
By Dr. Becker

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End The Illegal Dog Meat Trade

G E T …. I N V O L V E D  !


Please sign the petition pressuring the mayor of Baguio to close all dog meat restaurants.

Network for Animals is off to a running start on the dog meat issue in 2014!  We intend to strike at the heart of the trade by targeting dog meat restaurants in Baguio, a city 200 km to the north of Manila.  Long known as the capital of the dog meat trade, Baguio has allowed numerous dog meat restaurants to operate in open violation of the law, something we intend to put a stop to.

Baguio relies on tourism, so we hope the mayor will respond to our petition, especially if we get a lot of signatures.  But if the mayor refuses to apply the law and shut down the dog meat restaurants we intend to take our campaign to the next level.  Our staff in the Philippines have reached an agreement with the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS), the national agency tasked with, amongst other things, ensuring that restaurants comply with the law.  The agreement will see a joint NFA / NMIS team raiding all known dog meat restaurants in Baguio and laying charges against the owners.

But before we get to this stage, we need to do our best to impress upon the mayor that there is a widespread, international movement against the trade in dogs for meat and that we will never give up until this disgraceful activity is a thing of the past.

Signing our petition will do just that.

Thank you very much for your support.  I know that together in 2014 we are going to do great things for animals.


Brian Davies

Baguio dog SUV small.jpg

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Happy Tails! – BROOKLYNN (pka Crystal)

We are so excited to have Crystal (now Brooklynn) added to our family.  She is fitting in perfectly and just after a few days we are all so in love and wondered what we did before without her.

Thank you for all you do for these helpless animals.  We are so grateful and the experience when we visited was incredible.

God Bless and thanks again!!!

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