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Happy Tails! – ARNOLD

We adopted Arnold in early January and our lives are full of laughter and smiles because of him.   Arnold’s new family consists of 2 golden retrievers, 2 cats, 4 miniature donkeys, and 6 humans!

He has a lot to keep up with and boy does he love his new life in the Texas Hill Country.

Arnold is all about grabbing a lap to nap in.   He is pure love and we are so grateful to K-9 Angels for rescuing him and helping to find his forever family.

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Happy Tails! – FREDDY

As dictated by Hazel, age 7:
“Freddy is the best dog ever, and he is doing really well.  When I get home every day, he smiles and jumps and dances in circles.

I think eventually we can get him to play with toys, but now he is still not playing at all.  You throw a toy to him, but he just stares at it and looks at you.  It is pretty funny when he does that.  He sleeps in my bed every night, at my feet under the covers.

And he loves laundry!  He likes to lay in the piles of dirty clothes.  I guess it’s because it smells like me.

My life is way better with Freddy.  I love him so much!”

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Pet Companions Show the Healing Power of Pets


Have you  noticed that you feel better when you spend time with pets?

Every day, pets are improving the lives of people in more ways than you might imagine. Dr. Marty Becker — known to TV audiences as “America’s Veterinarian” — explains how life is better with pets (video).
He speaks about the ways in which companion dogs and cats can have a positive impact on our health — both physically and emotionally. Bonding with a pet may be more beneficial than you think.
Here are just some of the amazing ways pets make our lives better…

Pets Encourage Physical Activity

It’s a given that having a pet can take you out of a sedentary lifestyle and encourage you to get out of the house.  Dogs need to go outside for walks.  Cats need exercise and playtime.

Friends can provide support when starting up an exercise routine, but nothing compares to the encouragement of a pet.  “If you ever try to weasel out of exercising with your dog, there is going to be heck to pay,” said Becker.

Pets Encourage Social Interaction

Pets are social magnets.  According to Becker, pets are the “cure for the common cold shoulder.”

Imagine taking a walk on crowded city streets.  No one talks to you or even seems to notice your presence.  Now imagine taking an adorable puppy down those same streets.  You’ll get more people making comments, asking you questions, or stopping to talk to you than you ever would if you were walking alone.

Pets Reduce Stress

According to Becker, just by touching our pets we feel a surge of prolactin and oxytocin, hormones that can help us feel better.  These same hormones can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.  Having a pet can elevate serotonin and dopamine — hormones that lift depression — as well.

Our animals often know when we need them, too.  Pets tend to draw near when you’re feeling blue to provide emotional support.  And pets get the same benefits from petting.  Becker calls this the “love loop.”

Pets Improve Health

Additionally, Becker notes that if you have a dog, you’re five times more likely to be alive a year after a heart attack.  If you have a cat, you’re 40 percent less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke in the first place.  Pets lower cholesterol, they mitigate migraines, and they act as health monitors for Parkinson’s disease and diabetic seizures.  Research has even begun on some dogs who have the amazing ability to detect cancer.

Becker also notes that children who have a pet growing up are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, and eczema.

Simply put, our companion dogs and cats help us live healthier, happier lives.  They provide unconditional love and ask for relatively little in return.
How amazing is that?

“From our hearts to our heads, from cradle to grave, pets are helping us live happier, healthier, and fuller lives,” said Becker.

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Happy Tails! – PEBBLES

Just wanted to give you an update on our fatgirl!   She has adjusted extremely well.   As you can see, she had her ‘paw-day’ at Groomingdales.   She is such a happy girl, especially since she doesn’t slide as much across the hard-woods.

Her vet appointment went rather well.   Her scratched eye is completely healed, but will have that little keloid scar as a permanent reminder.  In the other eye, she has a permanent chronic dry eye condition which causes it to leak the slimy substance.  She has to have drops of Rx eye lubricant 2-3 times daily after cleaning… but hey, I have the same condition, so who am I to complain?  At least we know it’s not an infection.

At any rate, Missy is now letting Pebbles kiss her without appearing to be repulsed (lolol)… and they like to run around outside and have bark fests.   Although, when inside, Pebbles’ energy levels still make Missy nervous, they can now both lie on the same pillow cushion and relax… sometimes!   We have made strides…

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Animals Talk: Vaccine Damage.

New facebook page released Feb 16 2014
by Will Falconer DVM, Austin TX
A collection of real world animal stories of harm coming from vaccinations.  Use this information to make wise decisions for those you care for.
This page seeks to be a beacon, warning people about the very real dangers of vaccination by sharing real life stories of animals who’ve been damaged by them.  The goal is to help others make careful, well thought out choices about vaccinations for their loved ones, be they animal or human.  When enough stories are told, and enough eyes see them, we’ll be a force for change.  At present, far too many animals are being vaccinated repeatedly throughout their lives, and far too many are chronically ill because of this mistaken practice.  There is zero scientific justification for repeated vaccinations throughout one’s life, and very real risk.  The change I’d hope for is a very large cadre of informed consumers who vote with their wallets and purses for those vets and groomers and kennel owners and stable owners who care to see the light on this issue.
It’s become all too apparent that veterinarians are clinging to outmoded vaccination practices, specifically annual or semi-annual vaccinations in adult animals, contrary to all immunological understanding.   It’s time to bring a groundswell to bear on this, with the stories of animals damaged by this practice, so future decisions by animal or human parents can be made more consciously.
Link to “Animals Talk: Vaccine Damage”
(on Facebook as of 2/16/2014)
* * * * * * *
Itchy red skin on dog's belly
Please no more shots!  I’m on fire here!
Will Falconer, DVM
Certified Veterinary Homeopath
Austin TX
phone: (512)-288-5400
fax: (512)-288-5402
Holistic Health from a Veterinary Insider

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Looking For LOVE ?!

I Would Love To Meet You

This Valentine’s Day, BIG and small, we’re looking for love.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to abused and abandoned animals, become a K-9 Angels Rescue Guardian.

K-9AR Guardians are a group of dedicated friends of the organization whose regular, monthly contributions allow us to continue our life-saving work of homing and re-homing Houston’s abandoned, abused, neglected, family-less dogs before they are destroyed in Houston’s high-kill shelters.

There’s no better time to join us.

Start a relationship with K-9 Angels today!

Visit these grateful dogs EVERY WEEKEND
Saturdays 10:00a – 6:00p
Sundays 11:00a-3:30p

Adoption Center*
2125 W. Alabama
Houston TX 77098
(1st block west of Shepherd)

* Children must be accompanied
by legal guardian.

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Happy Tails! – DORI

We would like to update K-9 Rescue about our pup, Dori, that we adopted a few weeks ago.  She is doing extremely well, and we have taught her a few tricks including sit and lay!  Still working on shake!

We’ve been taking her on runs/walks with us as we train for an upcoming race.   However, she is not a fan of this crazy, cold weather!

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