Happy Tails! – BELLA (pka JJ)

We consider ourselves the luckiest people in the world for getting a chance to have Bella (pka JJ) in our lives.   She is an absolute joy.   She is smart, sweet, and beautiful!!   We love her so much; she is our heart.
Bella and her Yorkie brother Teddy were instant BFF’s!   Just watching them frolic, play, and go on walks together (her favorite thing!) makes us smile.  Bella and Teddy are total stars at Doggy Day Camp.  Everyone loves them!!
Bella is such a lady!  She always crosses her front paws when she lays down.  It is super cute.  We call her our “Princess” Bella!
She is so well mannered.  People are just shocked when they learn she is a rescue dog.  We ask ourselves every day how someone could ever have given her up!!  I will never understand, but we are so grateful that K-9 Angels found her.
Bella is a living example that there are so many wonderful dogs out there in need of homes.   Thank you K-9 Angels Rescue for the chance to Volunteer, Foster (yes, Bella was our foster failure), and Support such a wonderful organization!   We cannot express enough how much Bella has enriched our lives.  Thank you for letting me adopt this beautiful girl.  We will spend the rest of our lives making sure she knows she is loved!



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