Wonder of Dogs mini-series premieres

Wonder of Dogs


This Saturday, June 14 2014 @ 9pm CT National Geographic Wild begins their three part series,  charting the remarkable journey of the domestic dog from one common ancestor to 210 breeds we see in Britain today. Along the way they’ll unearth the extraordinary stories behind some of the world’s most iconic breeds and discover that hidden in their DNA are reflections of our own human history.


Scientists have found a DNA connection between modern Chihuahuas and ancient Mexican dogs that lived a thousand years ago.

The mini-series begins with All Shapes & Sizes on June 14th.
From huge dogs to tiny dogs, working dogs to lap dogs, dreadlocked dogs to hairless dogs – no other mammal species demonstrates as much diversity in size and appearance as the domestic dog, and in the first episode of The Wonder of Dogs, hosts Kate Humble, Steve Leonard and a team of canine experts explore why – and how – dogs come in so many shapes and sizes.

Kate traces the remarkable evolution of the domesticated dog from its ancient ancestor the wolf through thousands of years as our working companion, to the development of the dog breeds we know today.  Steve meets one of the hairiest dog breeds of all, and discovers how the dreadlocked coat of this livestock guardian acted as its armor.  Historian Ruth Goodman uncovers the surprising origins of the Poodle’s famous haircut, and visits the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever.

Read more at: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/wonder-of-dogs/episode-guide/



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