West Houston family Abandons their Dogs

Arthur... adopted in 2007... abandoned in 2014 in atrocious condition!

Sweet adorable Arthur… adopted in 2007… abandoned in 2014 in atrocious condition!  Arthur’s family failed him in a BIG way, and now he needs your help to recover!

Arthur was adopted from Red Collar Rescue in Aug of 2007 to Gustaf and Jenny Johansson of West Houston.  They had a female Husky and seemed to be the perfect family for Arthur.  Like every adopter who signs the Red Collar Rescue adoption contract, they agreed to keep Arthur vetted, provide medical care when needed, notify RCR if he became lost or they could no longer keep him, and to treat him like family and not banish him to the backyard.  Fast forward to July of 2014 when Arthur was found almost blind, skinny, matted, dirty, and covered in fleas roaming as a stray in Magnolia, TX, with no collar or tag.  Luckily, the person who found Arthur scanned Arthur’s micro-chip and RCR was notified.  Arthur was taken immediately to our vet where in addition to being nearly blind, he was also found to have a tumor on his head, three bad teeth, and infections of the ears, eyes, skin and urinary tract.  RCR contacted the prior adopters only to be sadly disappointed in their reaction.  They stated that Arthur had been kept primarily in the backyard of their $700k home – a miserable fate for a Husky in Texas.  They stated that they realized he was missing at the first of summer and thought he would just come back on his own.  Jenny and Gustaf claimed they had no idea how Arthur got so far away from home, but that it was not a good time for them to have a dog and they did not want him back.  They also said they did not want their children to know he was found.  They refused to contribute so much as a penny for his medical care.


RCR makes a lifetime commitment to every dog in their program; and while his adopters may have turned their back on him, he is and always will be, part of the RCR family.  Arthur’s medical bills are already at $3000, and his pending cataract surgery will be an additional $2600.  The ophthalmologist is confident that Arthur will regain 90–95% of his vision after the surgery, but it has to be done soon before the damage is too severe.  Please consider making a donation to help RCR cover the cost of restoring his sight!

Donations can be made at https://www.petcaring.com/RCR_Arthur

Note: Gustaf and Jenny Johansson also stated their other Husky, Heidi, “disappeared” 3 years ago.


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One response to “West Houston family Abandons their Dogs

  1. Kathy

    Could someone follow-up on what action was taken against this family? Perhaps there is a pro bono law firm that would donate time to help in situations like these to not only punish them but deter other cruelty? At the very least, use this example to start setting precedence?

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