Making the Commitment


To future dog owners or anyone who is considering adopting/rescuing/purchasing a dog.  It’s important to know that you are potentially making a 15 year commitment.

Dogs are like children, they require lots of time, patience, and love.  When a child acts out would you drop them off at a shelter?  Then why would you consider surrendering a dog?

Dogs can be very expensive, they may require training, medical needs, multiple vet visits, food, and of course toys to keep them occupied.  Puppies are adorable, but don’t for one second think its going to be easy, potty training and chewing behaviors can be extremely challenging.  

Dogs cannot be left alone for days at a time; they depend on their humans to meet their daily needs.  With proper training, time, and care any breed can be the most incredible companion.  They are animals, they have no voice, they cannot tell us what’s wrong or if they are hurt or sick. 

If you allow them, they will be your best friend and loyal protector for life; they are the most amazing creatures.  Shelters here in the US and all over the world are overflowing with animals because of irresponsible people who did not take these things into consideration.  We are their only voice… be their voice.  They deserve a chance.




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