Pets Are People, Too.

Cooking – frying, baking, boiling, heating in any manner – severely alters food. High heat kills the food in the sense that valuable enzymes are destroyed, and vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and various other micronutrients are altered, depleted, or lost completely.  Worse yet, heat can initiate chemical reactions, which can turn perfectly wonderful foods into toxins such as carcinogens.

The old adage “an apple a day…” is more important now than ever before, since we could literally go a lifetime eating packaged pseudo-foods and never touch upon the health-enhancing nutrition available only through raw foods such as the fresh apples.  Fortunately, with increasing awareness and cynicism toward packaged products, many people are feeding themselves and their families more carefully by seeking fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and whole grain products. But what happens to the family pet?  Are cats and dogs so physiologically different that they don’t have the same need for freshness?  Common sense would tell us that they aren’t different at all. But what about the pet food manufacturers’ strong caution against supplementing their “complete” foods for fear of upsetting the delicate balance of their nutrition-in-a-bag?  Nonsense.  Fresh and raw foods are as crucial to a pet’s body as they are to ours.

Fresh foods should be supplemented to all pets’ diets.  Regardless of the boasts, no processed can or bag can possibly provide the total nutrition your pet needs. It is up to you to go beyond packaged foods.

Although some foods should not be fed completely raw, there are dozens of enzyme/vitamin/mineral-rich raw foods which will delight your cat or dog. Please see our brochure, How to Apologize To Your Pet for suggestions on easy, raw food supplementation.  Moving beyond exclusively feeding processed foods will bring remarkable results you will witness firsthand.  Such obvious benefit is the clear marker that you are doing what is right.

Dr. Wysong

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