2014 End of Year Message from K-9AR Board President

2014 was an amazing year for K-9 Angels Rescue.  We flourished in our Adoption Center at 2125 W. Alabama.  Because of the fantastic volunteer crew that we have established, K-9AR saved 714 dogs from high kill shelters this year!  That is 202 more dogs than we saved in 2013!!  Since we started K-9AR in Feb 2012 we have rescued and found good homes for 1576 dogs.  That is pretty cool.

We had three super fundraisers in 2014 thanks to a great fundraising team.  We started with our Spring Fundraiser at Cottonwood which raised almost $17k and set the bar for fundraising events compared to past efforts.  Then we had the Best Friends Animal Society “Strut Your Mutt” fundraiser.  K-9AR raised nearly $70k and was the third highest fundraising team in the country, earning us another $2,500.00 from Best Friends!!  This was totally because of the dedication of our volunteers.  Then we finished off with the really fun Karbachs Brewing event which raised $30k.  So what are we going to do with the $$?

Well, as most of you know, we unfortunately had to vacate the W. Alabama Adoption Center due to early progress on its commercial development project.  Our current Adoption Center at 2409 Montrose is not ideal but gives us a couple of months of breathing room.  We are still actively looking for a more permanent solution (either a donated spot for a year to 18 months or an affordable lease in a decent location for that period of time).  But the hypercritical Houston real estate market is very challenging.  Concurrently, the Board has approved moving forward on building a permanent AC / Kennel / Quarantine facility on an acre of property that Mary Tipton and I own in Old Spring Branch.  While this is only in concept stage we hope to rapidly progress moving forward on building a state of the art permanent facility.  Additionally, as we increase rescues, the expenses of handling more dogs continues to go up so we are always looking to keep our head above water financially.  And finally, we continue to progress efforts to raise awareness of Spay & Neuter and responsible dog ownership in our Houston Neighborhoods.

I hope everyone of you has taken great satisfaction in the lives you have saved, the friends you have found and the difference you have made for Houston in general, and individual families who have adopted our dogs in particular.  We are looking forward to working with all of you towards another very successful, challenging and amazing year in 2015!

Randal Kissling

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