Happy Tails! – BRIE (pka Pearl)

This is Brie (formerly known as Pearl).  My husband and I want to thank K-9 Angels Rescue for allowing us to adopt this beautiful little girl!  She has been nothing but a blessing to our little family!  She is full of love and puppy energy.  She loves to play outside, go for walks and play with her kitty sister, Allie.  Cuddling under a blanket is in her favorite pastime.  She is a doll and as sweet as can be.  She fits into our family perfectly!
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If you would like to send us an update on your adopted
K-9 Angels Rescue dog, please send a short write-up and photo(s) to
happytails@k-9angelsrescue.org.   We LOVE to get updates!
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Do you want to send us updates & photos
but still need to choose the Love of your Life?
Surely you can find THE ONE right here!
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