Happy Tails! – SNOWFLAKE


Well, I think it is love!  We have all been having a great time with Snowflake, who I’ve been calling Snowy.   I had wanted to send you an update this past Saturday, but things got busy.
My five-year-old daughter, Emma, is especially crazy about her.  I think it is mutual.  Snowy is so sweet.  Since Emma didn’t get to pick Snowflake, we let her pick out a new collar, leash and harness.   She decided on a purple and pink set with a flower.
We have introduced Snowflake to my parents’ nine-year-old golden retriever, Sandy.  Sandy is a bit old, and slow, and weighs around ninety pounds. Things completely change when Snowy comes over.  They have a great time playing together.  Since my previous dog was older and slower, this was a whole new experience.   We have not seen Sandy this active in years.   When she gets tired, she gets up and bumps into Snowy with her hips, and they both go take a nap for a while.  With the exception of last Friday, we’ve taken Snowy over with us every day.
I think that Snowflake is really getting into our routine.  She seems to enjoy the little walks that we take around the neighborhood in the evening, and even when we walk her together with Sandy.  She is still a little apprehensive in the car, although she is getting in a tad bit easier each time.   Our drive is less than two miles, so she isn’t in there long, and Emma is usually in the back with her.
Snowy has been sleeping in my bed at night.  She always starts down near my feet, but by morning, she is tucked under my left arm.  She wakes me up in the morning by nuzzling into my neck and stretching her legs.
Although we have had a couple of accidents at my parents’ house, we have yet to have any potty issues at mine.   When she does want to go outside, she sits by the mat by our backdoor and gives the tinniest little cry.  We’ve been surprised that she doesn’t bark too much.  She usually only does it when we are playing, or to try to get Sandy to play with her after a good rest.   We still have to watch her fairly closely outside, as she likes to dig in the flower beds.  She has also chewed up one of my kindle chargers.  Fortunately, it wasn’t plugged in at the time.
Everyone has really fallen in love with Snowflake.  My 94-year-old grandmother lives with my parents.  She doesn’t hear very well, and has macular degeneration and fairly severe dementia, but she consistently remembers Snowflake’s name.   Although we don’t know how, she says that she has been able to see Snowy’s black spots.  My parents and I both think that she gets more spots every day, and that they are getting darker.   Also, we seem to think that she is more of a bull terrier-mix than a lab-mix.  Our vet agreed.
Snowy has been having a good time with the toys that Emma picked out for her, but I think her favorite is still the teddy bear in the Santa hat that you had passed along to us.
Once again, thank you so much for taking such good care of Snowflake.  She really is a joy for all of us.
I’ll still keep sending photos along every so often.  Please feel free to ask for an update at any time.
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