A lost dog’s critical tool to find its way back home

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While microchips are considered the gold standard for pet identification (as long as the owner contact information is kept up-to-date), there is a critical tool that all dogs should be wearing… identification tags.  Though a microchip is the ultimate proof of ownership, a simple ID tag is a must-have for dogs in the unlikely event that they manage to escape from their yard, or slip through an unlatched door.

A good Samaritan who takes the time to stop and help a wandering dog looks first for a tag on the collar.  Not every person who picks up a stray dog knows that the dog might have a microchip – not every person realizes that taking a lost dog to a veterinarian, animal shelter or pet store can often reveal information on an embedded microchip.

Sometimes dogs are found on a day when veterinary clinics are closed… or late at night.  Not every household is equipped to keep a dog until a veterinary clinic or animal shelter opens – not every good Samaritan is willing to load a stray dog into their car (rainy days, new cars, kids inside, etc.).

In this day and age, most people are carrying a cell phone and if someone stops to help after finding a wandering dog, it is easy to dial the contact phone number – IF there is an identification tag on the dog’s collar which has that critical information.

Identification tags should include the pet’s name, a phone number (preferably a cell number) and an address.

Yes, tags can fall off – and collars can be removed, which is why microchips are invaluable.  However, the almighty ID tag should not be overlooked.

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