Amazon Prime Day Wed July 15 2015

Prime Day: More Deals Than Black Friday



We just want to remind everyone who might be participating in
the July 15 Prime Day Shopping
to log in through Amazon Smile first!

We’d be honored if you’d select us as your charity of choice but there are thousands of worthy causes out there and it’s a free way to make your Amazon shopping go further.

Please take a look at the items on our Amazon Wish List*, too!

On behalf of the K-9 Angels Adoptable Dogs and all of our wonderful volunteers, THANK  YOU !!


* see our online Amazon Wish List for details on items listed below:

Gentle Leaders (select sizes and quantities)

XS: 2
S: 2
M: 4
L: 6
XL: 2

Brawny Paper towels

QTY:  ??unlimited??  (we go through a lot of paper towels and this seemed like a good deal)

Purina Puppy Food

QTY: unlimited

Case of wet food

QTY: 6 (two kinds to choose from)

Dawn Dish Soap (pack of two)

QTY: 4

Laundry Detergent (pack of two)

QTY: 3-4

Advantage (Flea Prevention)

QTY: Unlimited

Dog Collars in all Sizes

QTY: (every dog gets one with a tag with Mary’s and Christine’s Phone number so

we are always in need of them in every size imaginable)

Slip Leads

QTY: 10 (4 FT)

Puppy Pads

QTY: 10 boxes (For now at least)

Dog Scale (Wishful Thinking)

QTY: 1


QTY: We are always needing water for our volunteers

Toys for the dogs (and for adoption goodie bags)

QTY: Unlimited

Any Dog Toys


QTY: 5 (packs of 3)

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