Happy Tails! – VIRGINIA and POE

A month ago my family and I would make one of our best decisions in adopting Virginia and Poe.  In the earlier year, our younger westie, Pez, (age 9) would pass away unexpectedly and his older sister, Tiffany, (age 15) passed away a couple months later of depression from losing her best friend and old age.  For the next few months there was a hole in our home and a constant waiting to hear a pitter patter on the floor that had vanished. Then we ran across Poe and Virginia.  Upon visiting them at the shelter my mom still didn’t want to adopt them due to still being upset about our first pair, but soon she fell in love with them and when people asked if they had been adopted she gave a quick “YES THEY’RE BEING ADOPTED RIGHT NOW” to fend potential owners off.  Of course we thought it would be best to adopt them when my father was out of town on business trip, so these two treats were definitely a surprise.  When he did finally get home he was surprised and claimed he was upset, but whenever the dogs would be near me or my mother he would walkover, pick them up, and start to love on them and talk to them like they were humans.  They have been enjoying life at our home and are always loving on each other or doing something hilarious to us.  Virginia is definitely the dictator of them two and the leader while Poe carelessly follows her around.
Virginia always make sure Poe knows his place… the other day ago Poe was sitting, gazing underneath our large tree in the backyard, Virginia then sprinted full speed around our landscape and started to go towards Poe who was still sitting calm underneath the tree.  Virginia then slammed into Poe (who fell over immediately and you could hear the wind get knocked out of him from inside the house) and Virginia thus climbed over him to get to the other side of the yard while Poe was still down.  They are quite the duo to say the least…We thank you all at K-9 Angels Rescue for giving love back into our home and are so thankful for these two.  I hope that people continually give these loving dogs a forever home and could not be more grateful.
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