Woman works to help 40-pound dachshund foster lose weight

Rescue group helps overweight Dachshund – VIDEO Link

HOUSTON – A dachshund at an area shelter should weigh around 15 pounds, but the dog is coming in at nearly 40 pounds.

Melissa Anderson volunteers with K-9 Angels Rescue.  She said the owner of 7-year-old Vincent died a few weeks ago and the man’s family did not want the dog anymore, so they turned him over to a local shelter.

“Someone contacted me and said can you foster this big Dachshund?” Anderson said.  “I have three dachshunds of my own, so it kind of pulled at my heartstrings.”

Since then, Anderson and a friend have been working with the dog day in and day out.  Vincent swims in the pool for 20 minutes a day and has daily walks.

He’s lost a few pounds in the past couple of weeks, but he still has a long way to go.

Anderson said she thinks the original owner was actually feeding the dog fast food regularly and that’s how the weight was put on.

“When I went through Starbucks, when the intercom came on and said, ‘Can I take your order,’ he <Vincent> immediately perked up and he was down on the floorboard of the passenger seat.  He jumped up in the seat, which he didn’t do at the time, and came over to the window and his little nose was going crazy,” Anderson said.

As the four-legged guy continues on the road to better health, Anderson said she knows it’s going to be a long one.

At the current rate, she said it may take five to six months to get to the ideal weight.


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One response to “Woman works to help 40-pound dachshund foster lose weight

  1. Luc

    I just watched your video on CNN. You guys are fantastic! Thank you so much for saving sweet Vincent and all the work you do!
    All the best from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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