Happy Tails! – HARLEY (pka Rod Stewart)

Hello everyone at K-9 Angels Rescue!  I’m sending  you this update about sweet loveable “Harley” Barnes.  We were told he’s a Havanese / Lhasa Apso Mix but to us, he’s just our loveable Harley! – Cream color – male! I was adopted by my loving forever family on 8-31-2013.   I’ve really had it great living here!  So much love… & I’m spoiled a little bit.  I’m so loveable & I never give anyone any problems.  I have very nice manners, love going on walks & car rides.  They even let me stick my head out of the window & I love when the wind blows in my face!  I still love my toys & it’s fun to play fetch with my toys.  I’m very neat since I like to keep all my toys under the coffee table & I get the one I want to play with.  My family loves how I scamper to go get the toys they toss I love the exercise & the fun chasing them!   I hear my family say all the time they couldn’t have ever chosen a sweeter dog & that they didn’t know what they’d have done without me!  I’ve got to say, I’m really happy things all worked out like they did because I couldn’t be a happier dog!

I only weighed 20 lbs when I was adopted but after 2 yrs, I’ve gained up to 25.8  lbs at my last visit with Dr. Erin Braley Floyd.  She said my weight, teeth, overall health was really good & she always said my heart sounded really good even though when I was adopted they told me that I was “Low Positive” for heartworms.   My family has always been so good to give me my Heartguard on the exact day each month.  Twice Dr. had to say Harley was still low positive but when we went for my annual visit last month on 8-14-15…. We were all so excited because we got the best news ever!! Harley got his annual test & he was heartworm NEGATIVE!!!  The Heartguard did it’s job!!   Thrilled with the news doesn’t come close to the feeling we all shared!   We just had to pass this exciting news on to my K-9 rescue family!  It’s been 2 yrs since I was adopted, so we think that I’m about 4 yrs old now.  I’m just so happy that Kelly found my picture on your website & found me!  I’ve really got a great life here!  They love me so much & I love them beyond words!  I’ve attached a couple of my recent photos!

Thanks again for rescuing our adorable Harley!  If you remember the foster family who cared for me for a couple of weeks before I was adopted, I sure would like for you to pass on our exciting health news to her since she took such good care of me for a couple of weeks. I was so sweet, I bet the foster family will remember me when they see my photo we attached.
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