Happy Tails! – CHAMP (pka Big Al)

Hi, I’m Champ, formerly “Big Al”.  I spent the first year of my life stuck in a cage with little food or water.  K-9 Angels rescued me last October, and my parents, who were initially planning to foster me, decided to adopt me instead.  When I came home with them I was super skinny and scared of many things, but in time my mom & dad have helped me learn to trust, and my doggy pals Zack & Lili have helped me learn to play.  I’m smart and learned all my basic commands in no time.  There isn’t a lot I won’t do for a slice of turkey pepperoni, and I’ve gained a much needed 20 lbs.Cuddling is my favorite activity, but I also enjoy long walks on the beach, playing with toys from my toy box, fetching and chasing and running around in my backyard.   I’ve even started jumping into the pool with my mom!

I think I’m the lucky one, but my parents think that they are!  They tell everyone that they’ve won the doggy lottery, because I’m the happiest, most loving, affectionate dog in the world!

Thank you K-9 Angels, thank you from all of us!  XOXO
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If you would like to send us an update on your adopted
K-9 Angels Rescue dog, please send a short write-up and photo(s) to
happytails@k-9angelsrescue.org.   We LOVE to get updates!
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