Harris County residents, now is the time to vote and support Proposition 3.

* * *
Harris County’s Proposition 3 specifically designates $24 million for a new Veterinary Public Health Adoption and Care Center.  The current facility was built almost 30 years ago and is in need of upgrades.  The current facility handles approximately 25,000 animals per year, far more than it was intended to handle.
* * *
Harris County residents have the opportunity during early voting October 19 through November 2 and at the polls November 3 to improve and save more lives of companion animals in their community.  Funds from Prop 3 would allow renovation of the current building and allow the construction of three newer structures to house an adoption center, a holding area and a quarantine area for sick animals.
* * *
This renovation would be a huge victory for Harris County animals by increasing kennel space by five times the current amount, decreasing euthanasia, and allowing more animals to find their new loving homes through adoption.
* * *
All Harris County residents, please get out and vote! Spread the word to your fellow residents to support Prop 3, which will help better the lives of Harris County animals!
Together, we can Save Them All®!
Richard Angelo, Esq.
Legislative Attorney, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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