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Helping Paw – FUZZ BUZZ

*Warning: contains graphic image*

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Even as seasoned rescuers, we still get shocked by the condition some of these pups are in when we find them.
Two days ago (June 5 2017) someone found this puppy all alone by a dumpster and turned him into the Harris County animal shelter.  He has a large open wound on his back that was completely infested with maggots.  The maggots literally ate holes deep into his body.  Apart from the maggots, he was anemic, emaciated, covered in fleas… and only 3 weeks old.  He should still be nursing from his mom but he was all alone.  Literally thrown out with the trash.

We don’t know how he ended up by the dumpster, and it really doesn’t matter now.  As soon as the incredible veterinarians at the shelter told us about him and how long it took them to pull the maggots out of his tiny body, we knew we had to help.

He is with one of our most experienced bottle-baby fosters since he requires around the clock syringe feedings.  He has had multiple vet visits already to make sure we’re controlling his terrible infection.  At only 3 weeks old and 1.5 pounds we have to be incredibly careful with the drugs we use; many can be harmful to his young kidneys and liver.  He’s on multiple medicines and hydrotherapy, but he is still so terribly uncomfortable.  He only finds it easy to sleep while his foster mommy is holding him. 💔

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We have high hopes for this little fighter, even though his prognosis is still guarded.  We will do everything we can for him because he deserves a full life and a happy ending.  If you would like to donate to his care, please do. We will need it to cover his already piling medical bills.
> If you’d like to donate via PayPal (which also allows non-PayPal folks to use a credit card) please go to THIS LINK.
> If you’d like to donate with a check, please note in the memo
“for FUZZ BUZZ” and mail it to:
K-9 Angels Rescue – 9415 Winsome Ln. Houston TX 77063
> and/or subscribe to become a K-9 Angels Guardian at THIS LINK to provide for FUZZ BUZZ now and future Helping Paw needs!

His foster mommy has named him Fuzz Buzz: he’s fuzzy in the front and buzzed in the back.  We believe he is a small breed but won’t know for sure until he gets bigger and stronger.  And we pray he will.  Soon.

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K-9 Cares Academy UPDATE

WHEN: December 1st, Class starts at 7pm
WHERE: 5533 Weslayan (next to Chuck E. Cheese’s)

K-9 Angels is an all-breed rescue, but also an all-inclusive life saving operation which includes education on spaying and neutering!

Part of our mission statement is to educate the public about the importance of this life-saving procedure to decrease the number of unwanted animals crowding the streets and shelters.  Join us December 1, 2016 as we lead a class which is free and open to the public on how to talk to anyone about fixing their pets.  A listing of free and low-cost services in the area will be provided.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

6:30pm meet and greet

7pm meeting start

5533 Weslayan St. Houston, TX 77005

*Please note this class is typically held every 3rd Thursday of the month but has been changed for the holiday season. There will be no class November 17th or December 15th. Please check the K-9 Angels Facebook for future dates.

These classes are open to the public and cover the following:

– How to have positive, non-judgmental conversations about spaying and neutering and pet care with animal owners.
– What to do when you find a dog.  Debunking shelter myths.
– Some basic pet care words in Spanish to aide in conversations with Spanish speakers.
– Comprehensive listing of low-cost or free services available in the Houston/Harris County areas.

This class and resources will be geared towards dogs, but can be useful for cat lovers as well!  This can be a great opportunity for rescue groups to network and get to know each other.

We hope to see you there!  If you cannot make this date, look out for the next one!


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K-9 Cares Academy

K-9 Angels Rescue would like to present:  K-9 Cares Academy!

** Class starts at 7p, meet and greet starts at 6:30p**
5533 Weslayan  Houston TX 77005

This class will be offered the 3rd Thursday of every month, is open to the public, and will cover the following:

– How to have positive, non-judgemental conversations about spaying and neutering and pet care with animal owners.
– What to do when you find a dog.  Debunking shelter myths.
– Some basic pet care words in Spanish to aide in conversations with Spanish speakers.
– Comprehensive listing of low-cost or free services available in the Houston/Harris County areas.

This class and resources will be geared towards dogs, but can be useful for cat lovers as well!

This can be a great opportunity for rescue groups to network and get to know each other.  Please share!

We hope to see you there!

This class will be held the 3rd Thursday of every month.  If you cannot make this date, look out for the next one!

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Save Lives. Educate Spay & Neuter.

** A message from the K-9 Angels Outreach and Education Committee **

*  *  *  *


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Amazon Prime Day Wed July 15 2015

Prime Day: More Deals Than Black Friday



We just want to remind everyone who might be participating in
the July 15 Prime Day Shopping
to log in through Amazon Smile first!

We’d be honored if you’d select us as your charity of choice but there are thousands of worthy causes out there and it’s a free way to make your Amazon shopping go further.

Please take a look at the items on our Amazon Wish List*, too!

On behalf of the K-9 Angels Adoptable Dogs and all of our wonderful volunteers, THANK  YOU !!


* see our online Amazon Wish List for details on items listed below:

Gentle Leaders (select sizes and quantities)

XS: 2
S: 2
M: 4
L: 6
XL: 2

Brawny Paper towels

QTY:  ??unlimited??  (we go through a lot of paper towels and this seemed like a good deal)

Purina Puppy Food

QTY: unlimited

Case of wet food

QTY: 6 (two kinds to choose from)

Dawn Dish Soap (pack of two)

QTY: 4

Laundry Detergent (pack of two)

QTY: 3-4

Advantage (Flea Prevention)

QTY: Unlimited

Dog Collars in all Sizes

QTY: (every dog gets one with a tag with Mary’s and Christine’s Phone number so

we are always in need of them in every size imaginable)

Slip Leads

QTY: 10 (4 FT)

Puppy Pads

QTY: 10 boxes (For now at least)

Dog Scale (Wishful Thinking)

QTY: 1


QTY: We are always needing water for our volunteers

Toys for the dogs (and for adoption goodie bags)

QTY: Unlimited

Any Dog Toys


QTY: 5 (packs of 3)

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Important ADOPTION CENTER Volunteering Changes!

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1. As you may have read via our Facebook page (
our weekend Adoption Center is now located at 5533 Weslayan St, in the Weslayan Plaza next to Chuck E Cheese.  All shifts will take place here – volunteers must sign in on the sheet and check in with the team lead when you arrive.

2. The time changes we are making for two Sunday shifts are now effective. Sunday shifts will be 7:30-10, 10-1, and 1-4.  We will try to remind everyone when they sign up. See the live schedule on our Volunteer page of the K-9 Angels Rescue website.

3. Our Center is too small for walk-in volunteers.  If you are not a current L1 or L2 volunteer, please register online if you’d like to join the fun!

Here’s to a great time at the new weekend Adoption Center!
Thank you volunteers!

Brian & Natalie

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

If you are interested only in fostering a K-9 Angels dog through the week (from Sunday evening-Saturday morning), please contact

We do not share your contact information or any responses outside the organization.
Please contact with any questions or concerns about how your information will be handled.

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Nine things not to say to Dog Rescue volunteers

In October 2013, we made a decision as a family to give dog fostering a go.  I’ll admit that I was somewhat selfish in my reasons for wanting to foster dogs; we had been thinking about getting a companion for our Staffordshire bull terrier, Hermes, but the cost of keeping another dog plus the potential negative consequences if he failed to bond well with a friend of our choosing were holding us back.  The rescue group we work with covers most of the costs (food, equipment and vet bills), and if our dog and the foster clash badly (it hasn’t happened yet, touch wood), we can always move the foster dog to another, more suitable carer.  So as well as making a positive community contribution, fostering seemed like a good way to dip our toe in the waters of being a two dog household.

Gunner and ScooterSixteen months and seventeen puppies and dogs later, and we’re hooked.  Every time one of our fosters gets adopted and we wave goodbye to them, it is both a wrench to our hearts and an intensely rewarding experience knowing that we’ve helped save doggy lives.

Of course, there are downsides.  It can be frustrating being kept awake all night by a fretting puppy, cleaning up inside ‘accidents’ or disposing of a pair of shoes that were perfectly good 15 minutes ago until a teething canine got hold of one.  But the biggest downsides come from the humans.  If you’re considering adopting a rescue dog and you don’t want to get the carer’s hackles up (dog metaphor deliberate), here are a few tips on what not to say.

I sent an email half an hour ago and nobody’s got back to me. Why are you so slack? Don’t you care about finding a home for these dogs?

We’re not paid 24/7 to stand by for your email. In fact, we’re not paid at all. Rescue volunteers have jobs and families and other commitments, and in between all of that we’re feeding the dogs, walking the dogs, transporting dogs to and from vets, driving on 12 hour round trips to collect death row dogs from country pounds, attending to the screeds of paperwork required by local, state and federal governments… Besides, you might just be the twelfth applicant for this dog, and we have to respond to the other eleven before it’s your turn.

Why do they cost so much? Surely if you want to save these animals, you should be charging less, or giving them away.Shelley in flower pot

Two reasons – one is that animal rescue is expensive. The money rescue groups collect in adoption fees doesn’t begin to cover the costs. Even although nobody is getting paid, and even although we get donations, and reduced rates from sympathetic vets, there are still food bills, vet bills, and transport costs. Collars, leads, food bowls and bedding need to be provided to foster carers. One dog alone coming down with parvovirus can cost thousands of dollars to save. When you adopt a dog from a registered rescue organization, then by law it will be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, which is more than you will get for the same price (or higher) from a pet shop or breeder.
The other reason is psychology. We want each adoption to be successful, and don’t want to see dogs bouncing back to us because owners can’t afford to keep them, or only adopted them on a whim. This is much less likely to happen if adopters are willing and able to hand over $400 – $500.

We’ve changed our minds – we’re not coming to meet the dog after all (usually said an hour after the agreed meeting time).

See “we’re not paid to do this” and “we have lives too, you know.”

We love the look of Fifi and think she would be perfect for us, but we won’t be ready to have a dog for another couple of months. Can you hold her for us?

Short answer – no. Long answer – the longer we keep dogs in our care, the more expensive it gets, and the more dogs are put down by pounds because they don’t have the space and we don’t have the available carers. Snarky answer – don’t start looking for a dog until you’re ready to own a dog. It will only end in heartbreak for you if you fall in love with a dog you can’t have, and wasted time for us (also see “we’re not paid to do this”.)

I love dogs, but I had to give my last one away because it got too big/I had to move/my girlfriend didn’t like it/we had a baby

We understand that sometimes life throws curve balls that you didn’t see coming; we fostered a beautiful dog formerly owned by a family who had fallen upon hard times and could no longer afford to keep her. They did the responsible thing and gave her over into foster care, and I was honoured to be able to have a hand in finding a loving new home for her. But some of the reasons people give for getting rid of their pets are clearly foreseeable or downright frivolous; puppies are going to get bigger, landlords are quite likely to say “no pets”, and who did you commit to first, the girlfriend or the dog? At this point you have to ask yourself – do I really love dogs, or do I just love the idea of dogs?

What breed is she crossed with?

A legitimate question on the surface of it. However, whatever breed the dog is listed as is usually the pound’s or the vet’s best guess. The only way to guarantee a dog’s parentage is through pedigree papers from a registered breeder, or a DNA test. As most of our dogs are unclaimed strays rescued from pounds, we’re extremely unlikely to have either of these pieces of paper.

Oh yes...this is surely the face of a killer.

…because I don’t want a dog with any staffy/rotty/heeler/chihuahua/[insert your breed prejudice here].

And I understand your concerns. Not all breeds are going to be suitable for your needs – otherwise we wouldn’t have so many different dog breeds. And we can’t guarantee that the dog you’re thinking of adopting won’t show any of the undesirable traits you’re seeking to avoid (they’re living creatures, not second hand cars). Can’t guarantee…but can give a pretty good indication. During their time in foster care, we’ve exposed them to a lot of situations they’re likely to encounter as companion dogs, so we can tell you most, if not all, of the things you need to know about their tendencies and temperament. But if that doesn’t convince you, and purity of breed is still a deal breaker, then I recommend you purchase a dog from a reputable registered breeder, or adopt a dog from a breed-specific rescue group.

…because staffies/rotties/heelers/chihuahuas are aggressive dogs.

OK, now I am no longer humouring you.  That’s just illogical.  Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to be companions to humans.  Yes, some breeds might have been selectively bred to encourage a prey drive, or to be wary of strangers, thus making them good guard dogs.  However, having an entire breed that is indiscriminately aggressive towards humans would be wildly counter-productive.

I want a dog, but not one that barks or digs or chews. And not one that sheds, or that isn’t house trained, or that is likely to knock stuff over – I’m very house proud, and don’t want to be cleaning up messes all the time. I work 50 hours a week, so I won’t be able to come meet any dogs until the weekend. What have you got for me?

A goldfish.


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