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‘Skinny Vinnie’ Makes His Foster Home A Permanent Residence

'Skinny Vinny' makes his foster home a permanent residence

Sunday, June 19, 2016 06:25PM

A wiener dog that gained national attention for his pudgy frame — and again later for his incredible weight loss — finally has a family.

The husky dachshund arrived at his foster family’s home with the name ‘Fat Vincent’ but after he shed 38 pounds, he earned a new nickname: ‘Skinny Vinny.’

Fat no more

Now it appears that Skinny Vinny’s foster family has decided to keep him around permanently.  The dachshund recently was adopted by them.

Congrats on finding a permanent home, Skinny Vinny!


April 15th 2016

Local News Video   HERE

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K-9 Angels Rescue Working to Regain Fat Dog’s Health

Group working to regain fat dog's health
A dog dropped off at the pound following his owner’s death is getting lots of attention for his size.
But now, a local group and vets are slowly bringing Vincent back to health.
Friday, August 28, 2015 07:07PM

Every step and every run was a struggle for Vincent a couple of weeks ago.  At 38 pounds, double the size vets say he should be, Vincent’s size takes a toll on him.  His back even dips from the weight.  VIDEO LINK

Foster parent Melissa Anderson with K-9 Angels Rescue says, “People can be kind of mean.  They’ll say things like that’s abuse and they’re thinking it’s my dog and I’m like I’m trying to help this dog.  It just made me think people can be kind of harsh.”

Vincent was dropped off at the pound in Harris County after his owner died.  Fearing he would not get adopted Anderson stepped in because she did not want Vincent to be overlooked or worse, be put down because of space.

Vincent’s vet has him on a diet and Melissa and her friend Lauren are getting Vincent healthy again through swimming.  Vincent enjoys it and is pushing himself.  After weight loss, will come walks.

Already, Vincent has lost two pounds.

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