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baby Ari

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It was 5:30 pm CT, only minutes before closing, when a man walked into the Harris County animal shelter holding a shoebox. The staff would begin the lengthy task of getting everyone settled for the night. But inside the box was a single puppy.
Immediately, the veterinarian team stopped what they were doing and went to work on her.

This puppy was lifeless. She laid still but her skin crawled with fleas. She had several recent puncture wounds on her neck, and many old ones along her shoulders and back.
They scrubbed away the puss and sores and loaded her up with antibiotics.
Her stomach was bigger than she was – filled with intestinal parasites.
As soon as K-9 Angels saw her, we knew we had to give her a chance.
This tiny, grey baby couldn’t even stand up, but the fear in her eyes was all we needed to see.

She had absolutely no muscle mass and could only drag her back legs.
At only 4-5 weeks old she should still be nursing from her momma, but she was now on her own. She was pooping straight blood, even though her parvo test was negative.
The vet staff recommended she be bottle fed to help regain some strength and ensure she receives around the clock nourishment. So she’s now with one of our most experienced bottle baby feeders (also Fuzz Buzz’s foster mama)!
After just a few hours of feedings and medications, she’s able to stand and walk somewhat. She’s not able to lift herself from sitting, but with help she can get up and move! Her strength shows that she is ready for the battle ahead, and we need to be there to support her.
Soon we will find out the full extent of what’s going on internally. At just under 2 pounds and with such terrible malnutrition, she has a long road to recovery.
She doesn’t have a name yet, but for now we are calling her “baby Ari” after her foster sister (and look-a-like.) Her big sister Ari is the only one she would stand up and walk to… she’s desperate for a dog mother.

If you’d like to help with baby Ari’s recovery, please consider making a donation.
Even the smallest amount will help: … https://www.paypal.me/K9AR
Through this special link every penny of your donation is passed on to us (no transaction fees!)

When we get the tests back from the vet we’ll know whether she can be saved. Right now we’re just hoping she has the strength to go on. We’ll be as strong as she is.

Follow baby Ari’s updates on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/k9angelsrescue


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