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A Promise of Love to the End

Kendra Roberson Maroney's photo.

Even though my patience runs thin some days, I have to remember I made a promise to him 15.5 years ago.  I promised to love him his whole life; till the very end even if that means Kerry and I feel like we have a newborn baby to take care of all night.  I love him even when he pees puddles in my kitchen because he doesn’t realize he’s not outside.  I love him when he poops on the way to the back door because he can’t hold it.  

Love is when I hold the water bowl for him because his body won’t let him reach down to drink without falling over.  Love is forever; till the last minute.  You don’t get to break your promise when you have a baby or when you move houses.  It’s not when they get big and aren’t a cute puppy anymore.  It’s not when they chew up your shoes or dig holes in your backyard.  It’s not when they aren’t potty trained as quickly as you like.  Or when they jump all over people because you haven’t trained them.  It’s not when they get to be 10 years old and you’re tired of them or when they get sick and you don’t want to pay the vet.  Or when you aren’t a responsible owner and they get heart worms and you don’t want to pay for the treatments.  Or because they weren’t spayed you don’t want to deal with a litter of puppies.

 I know the list can go on and on (especially those who work at the HS and City of Animal Services).  I’m sure they’ve heard every excuse out there.  Just remember when you get that puppy or kitten, you’ve made a promise.  You promise to love them their whole life because they will love you completely till the end.

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