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Happy Tails! – PUGI

When I first started volunteering at K-9 Angels, I decided that I wanted to also foster.  I don’t know what it was about Pugi at the time that drew me to him.  He was all banged up, covered with fleas, had a bad infected eye, and a giant wound on his neck.  Later on, he developed a tumor that was luckily benign and removed with surgery.  I suppose I felt very sorry for the little guy.
Even though he wasn’t in the best of shape, his was always excited to go outside for a walk, chase squirrels, or play tug-o-war with me.  The only time he wasn’t so happy-go-lucky was when I gave him a bath.  I soon realized that this would be the ultimate case of foster fail, for I was too attached to ever let him go.
I feel very fortunate that K-9 Angels rescued him and gave him a second chance at life.  He has completely stolen my heart, and brings me so much joy and happiness everyday.  Through this whole process, I realized just how compassionate and hardworking everyone is at K-9 Angels. They’ve inspired me to become an advocate for animal rescue.  I can never thank K-9 Angels enough for their dedication in helping dogs find forever homes, and especially for helping Pugi and I find each other.
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